I've played bass many times before, filled in for my mates band ect but only very simple stuff but this christmas i got my first bass so i want to improve my playing

I was just wondering if there are any good bass techniques to learn?

And are there any good jazz tunes to learn?


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as far as bass techniques go i would work on right hand dexterity (if you want to play with fingers), slapping and popping are pretty cool to learn too. The same goes with tapping. As far as jazz tunes go i cant help you...sry . Another word of advice, just learn to play different genres of music because it shows you different styles and aspects of playing. I hope i helped
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Learn some basic jazz chords aswell, root, third and then colour it depending on the chord. It will take some theory to get it down, but it's good practice. Other than that, learn some basic walking, and lessons in basic jazz are numerous if you google for it.
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