i now have reason 4 for my pc and am looking into using this awesome program in my prog band but i was wondering, i want to use more than one keyboard at a time and be able to use seperate sounds for both of them. can anybody help me out with how to hook that up?
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^Reason is awesome, don't "forget" it. That would be stupid, especially when you already own it.

Im not sure how to do what your asking about (I've done it in Logic, but not reason), but Im sure if you go to the propellerhead website, or ask there tech support, someone will be able to help you out.
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This is an area where you're really going to have to get your hands dirty in the manual.

You'll need a midi interface with multiple midi outs, or you'll need to go from your computer midi out to midi thru on one of the keyboards, and daisy-chain them together that way. You'll need to go into the global midi settings of the midi thru keyboard and turn it to (local off?... can't remember) so that it doesn't send duplicate data to the other keyboard.

You'll then have to go into each keyboard and assign them to receive midi data on certain channels so they won't both respond to the same midi stream of data... in other words, so that they'll know which one the computer is talking to.

Then in your software, you'll have to carefully assign whichever channels each midi track sends data to.

From there, you'll route the audio outputs of your keyboard to a mixer or something so that you can:
a) Listen to both keyboards as they play back simultaneously.
b) record each of the inputs separately for when you want to finalize your projects.

Get ready for a steep learning curve.

I used to have my stuff set up kinda like that, with my M1 and an external sound module daisy-chained together, both being driven by Cubase.

I have since found that I get better results using the soft-synths and soft-samplers in Cubase, and doing it all within the software.

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