silenty brushes exchanged and filled in the parts that were missing.

some things you never knew were there until polished before your eyes.

a well executed surprise is the only recipe for love before virgin eyes.

anything besides are failed tries of promised lies.

above the skies of heaven there is nothing.

shotgun props and phantom cops are something til they're gone

if existence changes later on was it ever there at all?

does heaven have room for all the people who passed on the right to keep on living?

it's not as much a choice as a present for the willing.

carry an umbrella when the trinity is spilling.

further on.
I like this, it's rather unique and has an interesting sound to it. The rhymes, though irregular, seemed to work well as the piece in itself feels a bit irregular, and with the addition of assonance at parts it was even better.
I enjoyed the abstract notions you've placed in there, subtlety really makes a poem interesting IMO.
My only qualms with this were that it didn't seem to have a running or cohesive theme, but more a bunch of separate ideas put together. Of course it's up to you to know what it all really means, but perhaps a little more clarity for your audience would be helpful. Also 'gone' needs a full stop (or period), and you might consider capitalising beginning words.

Good work, I'd like to see some more from you.