Hello everyone,

First off, I know there´s a sticky dedicated to this, but it includes free software.

My question is, my set up is really basic, I havemy guitar connected to my amp, and in the emulated out (headphones line in) I´ve connected my speaker cable that go from my speakers to my pc. So I got this cable and plugged it into the amp/laptop mic line in and now i can record using the windows sound recorder, the only problem is that it is too basic and it only allows you to record 60 secs sets, after 60 secs you ahve to click the record button again.

So my question is, is there any software out there (free or paid) that you can:

1 Record continuosly.
2 Edit audio tracks.
3 Merge different audio tracks together.
4 Built in EQ (optional).

Again, it can be free software or paid one, I think my laptop can afford a paid one´s requirements.

Thanks all.
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Take your pick i'd start with Audacity nice and basic to get you into the whole recording world. Hope this is a help.
Either Audacity or Reaper,

Audacity is pretty simple to use but is fairly limited in what you can do, whereas Reaper, although a bit harder to get to grasps with will ultimately provide you with all the tools and facilitys that you need.

As far as audio editing, both programs can cut stuff out and what not. In Reaper effects can be also be added using the plugins that come with the software. Such as the EQ that you mentioned!

As far as costs, Audacity is completely free.

Reaper on the other hand has an unlimited free trial but its my opinion that If you like it that you should pay the $50 that it costs to liscence it, Its a far cheaper option that using one of the more commercial DAWS!

Hope this Helps!

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well, thank you all... imtrying that one right now, looks awesome