This is LIKE NEW! I was given this guitar brand new as a gift four years ago out of Guitar Center. Used it VERY little for a year and a half, and now haven't used it for the past couple of years at all. I simply don't play any more. I'm young, married, and in college and it hurts me that this is just sitting around not getting any use. It sounds beautiful and looks beautiful. If I still played, I would keep this guitar in a heartbeat! Just want it to have a good home, and good hands to make it dance.
TaylorGuitar 007 small.jpg
TaylorGuitar 008 small.jpg
TaylorGuitar 009 small.jpg
aw man...if i had 750 i would buy that in a heartbeat. i've been actually wanted to get that same guitar (more the cutaway one).

but anyway i'm sure you'll fine someone. good luck!

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