I found this guitar on guitar factory for 429.00 it is regularly 599.00.....That is crazy good, I was wondering if anybody has bought anything from there or had any problems. I heard sometimes they sell 2nd hand guitars advertised as new, and they try and screw you. I was told that by another takamine dealer so im not sure how accurate that is.....opinions please.

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and if they do sell you something second hand advertised as new, sue them
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i looked around and they have it on musician's friend for like $500 and the reviews there are pretty good.
Takamine +solid top, back and sides + sweet discount = go for it imho
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Take a look at Blueridge Guitars, Stanford Guitars and Revival Guitars. You should be able to buy a solid wood guitar for that money especially if you look for a used one.
thanks, i did buy it, as for not playing it before i buy it, i am playing a fender squire now, six years old with a removable pick up. All i want out of this guitar is for it to sound better than that.....im sure the tak will do the trick. I have played a few taks also just not that particular model.