looking to spend about £600 on a back up bass guitar for live shows so preferably something reliable but still looks the part if i need to wap it out. i play a fender jazz at the mo which i will still use as a main bass. i play in a pop/ rock band
Fender Standard Jazz. Easy!

Picked mine up for about £330.

If you want something pretty different instead, maybe a Spector? They're nice, although not really my style. But if you want something different to a Jazz, it's a good choice.
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Well not to beat a dead horse, but i would recommend a squier vintage modified jazz bass is like 270 american.


I just got it as a back up to my peavy cirrus, and its amazing. it might need a truss rod adjustment, but other than that, mine has played beautifully, and all other ones i have played have also played well.
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i should have stated originaly that i was looking for something a bit different, could still be fender but not another jazz. i have an ibanez ergodyne at the moment and a 6 string ibanez btb also but im selling them both. the ergodyne is nice but i've got bored with it and its too over powering on the low end for the stuff i'm currently playing. the 6 string is just silly to play.
You could try one of the active Fenders. Also look at some Warwicks.
What music do you play/ What amp do you have?
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If your looking for something diffrent, take a look at some mid range spectors. The Preformer series is passive and should run for about 400usd. Legend series are active shoud run around the 500-550USD mark.
Peavey Foundation. Made in USA, inexpensive, very well built. They can make any sound a Jazz can, but better.
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ibanez ATK

i love to recommend these
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