whitch one of these 3 should i get?
im into thrash and neo-classical.
but i cant decide whitch of these 3 to get

This Raven RG20!


This Line 6 Spider 3


This Peavey Vypr

im just looking for a cheap practice amp thats good.
but i want your guys opinions. whitch one should i get?
i kno alot of you hate the line 6 spider but i play on it all the time and i like it.
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try them, id go with the vypyr though
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well, are you gigging? i wudnt go with the line 6 as ALL of UG hates, most people would say peavy, the raven looks kinda dodgy tbh

EDIT: it is a practise amp you want for so forget my first question

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Of those choices the Vypyr.
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if i gig i use my friends line 6. its that one 600 dollar one.
and i really dont understand why ug ppl hate that line6.
could someone enlighten me pls?
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The Vypr is better, but I don't think you can get a footswitch for it, which is out-right annoying.

Line6 for me, I like the Spider III.
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The Spider series of amps are hated because they are the cheap side of digital. Flextones, Vettas, etc. arent too bad, and alot of people dont hate those. Idk about Spider tubes tho, it kinda defeats the purpose of having tubes. On topic, I suggest the Vypyr. Ravens arent as feature-packed, and arent as good really.
ok i looked alot of the vypyr but the thing that bothers me is that it cant use 2 effects simultaneously. i want to be able to use that. its like a must for me.
and im not sure if it even has that save feature.
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well...do you want to use 2 ****ty effects at the same time, or one ok effect...
Quote by Zep_shizzle
if i gig i use my friends line 6. its that one 600 dollar one.
and i really dont understand why ug ppl hate that line6.
could someone enlighten me pls?

It's only the spider 3 that really sucks.

TS, go with the vypyr. Even my non-guitar-playing friend agreed that the vypyr sounded much better in a side-by-side comparison video to a line 6 spider 3 of the same price.
I like the Spider III. I don't understand why they're so hated, I know what everyone says, so don't try and explain, as a practice amp, not a main.
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I'd probably go for the Peavey out of the 3, but you really should go to GC and try all 3 of them out yourself, all 3 of them are usually in stock at any given time.
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yeah the vypyrs have 12 user editable presets ( the 15 anyway i think the higher watts the more presets ) that are divided into chanels A B and C for clean light rock and metal or w/e u choose to make them. u cant have two effects simultaneously but they dont sound all robotic like anything on the line 6. seriously, go for the vypyr i cant wait to get mine ( my unlce is giving it to me at our family get together )
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It has a tube pre amp as well.

Quote by Zep_shizzle
if i gig i use my friends line 6. its that one 600 dollar one.
and i really dont understand why ug ppl hate that line6.
could someone enlighten me pls?

They're jumping on a bandwagon.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with Line 6 as a whole - the Vetta and HD147 are awesome amps, and the Toneports and Pods are cool as well. The Spider series, however, is the source of the bashing. But even then - Spiders, I've found, are actually acceptable for teh brootalz, if a little cold and digital-sounding, and they have... passable cleans and effects. Though they obviously don't compete with say a nice Mesa or a vintage Fender in the ultra-distorted or cyrstalline cleans, they're certainly alright for the price. However, just like all low-level modellers, their crunch tones are lacking.

TO TS: Out of those, the Vypyr. But I'd also recommend the Vox Valvetronix series and the Roland Cubes.
Out of those, I would take the Peavey. But keep in mind Roland Cubes, fantastic tone and they are around the same price.
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