Does it buzz open string & fretted notes?
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i had a problem with this on mine too. i just bought new strings, and before i put em on i clean the nut with a kleenex to get all the dirt and little pieces of metal out, then i polished the fret board and clean up everything else(the bridge, humbuckers, etc.) if you have a floyd rose like i do, you have to make sure you set it up correctly when putting new strings on. dont tighten them all the way at first. get them all on, then tighten the 1 and 6 strings up a little, then 2 and 5, and 3 and 4. thats how i do it and it works for me everytime, no buzz.
well i've had this b4, u've either got the gauge strings for your guitar, or you need to raise the strings a bit by raising the saddles. sometimes the strings can be too low so when you fret a note on say the fifth fret on a string, it can fret as the seventh fret because of them being too low.
sorry if i didn't explain that very well!

ps. this happened on my fender strat and i fixed it by changing the string gauge to a smaller size
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i recently had the action lowered then i might of gotten the slightly higher gauge strings. (i replaced the factory strings)
like asked, you need to know where the string is buzzing.

and if the buzz is transmitted thru the amp.

if it's a heavier gauge it'll bend the neck more so it should clear the frets, but it might be buzzing at the nut cut.

if you took all the strings off at once, the neck might've relaxed a little, picking up fret buzz.

so it matters which frets if at all.

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