Im sorta a beginner too skating, and im very interested in buying a board, but i really
dont know witch is best for my money.
I do know some stuff about boards, but i think ill rely on the Pit for this one

Ok, first option:

^ $49.99 from Amazon
Airwalk series 5, Complete

Option 2:

^ World Industries $59.99 from Amazon
Pro series Flasher, Complete

Option 3:

^ Alliance "Mika" Artist series Level 3, $59.99 from Amazon
Complete board
with nice "ABEC 7 Bearings"

Im leaning towards the Alliance one, but i really need the Pits opinion.
and remember, i'm looking for Quality, not looks
(We all know the underside of the deck gets shaved off by grinding anyway)

EDIT: sorry, i should mention that my wallet wont let me spend more than $80
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I would lean towards the World Industries one but go to a little skateshop look at stuff too.
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Personally I'd take the Airwalk because it looks thinner, and the stuff aint too bad, but I never bought on of these set ups, I bought mine in bits and pieces, that's always best. I havent heard of Alliance either, if you trust it go for it. World industries make good wheels and they've been around for a while.
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I like the airwalk...I haven't skated in so long...I'm looking to buy a longboard once the snow melts
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If you've got $100 you can buy a complete board from warehouseskateboards.com, it's got free shipping. I'd recommend an *almost deck, with kingdom trucks and spitfire wheels. A little heavy, but nice and durable to get you started.
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I used to skate alot, i remember seeing some pretty cool wolrd industries

i'd probably go with that, seeing those brand new decks sort of makes me want to get one.
Airwalk decks arent very good...onli if your willing to splash abit of cash on them...

and do what Arrived+Dparted said...sounds solid to me
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Id say the Alliance, but you can always switch out bearings/wheels/trucks/etc. down the line if you need to on the other ones.
Take a Girl or Foundation Deck or enjoi or chocolate)

Tensor or Independent trucks. (independent are a bit heavier, but I have yet to break one) Ventures also break very easy

Any wheels not to big not to soft. (Darkstar or Girl)

Swiss bones bearings.

Regular griptape (not the ****ty coloured ones)

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dont go for the world industries if you're a beginner they are heavy as f**K!
neither the airwalk deck just because i garuantee it will b crap manufacture and the plywood will split.
i'd go with the 3rd one, but a good make 4 a starter is a krooked deck!
One of these


It's good for skating and fapping.

NOTE: I don't really know if there good for skating I've never used one before nor do I skate anymore.
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everybody has preferance in skating, i remember disliking airwalk and loving world industries.

i havent skated in so long though.. towards the end of my skating days i would just buy blank decks from the local skate shop
do NOT buy airwalk.

My mate's split in half first time he went on it.

In my opinion, buy your own set-up. Feels more personal.

Trucks - Destructo's are amazing.
Deck - I like heroin.
Wheels - any tbh.
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...is it possible to even go out and BUY parts (including deck) for under $105?
(tight budget)
element board. ive had one for a few years and while i dont skate as hard on em as i used to, its holding its shape very well as a transportation/stair jumping board. they have the fiber lites or something, with the layer of carbon fiber in them, added strength and lighter board.

i liked spitfire wheels, never failed me, always had cool designs.

destructo trucks or independents or venture featherlights were my favs.
-destructo being best strength vs. weight
-independent being the strongest
-venture being the lightest.
all good qualtiy.

i'd go through bearings, clean em, reuse em, so i wouldnt get too hung up on them. people will tell you different, but honestly, in 2 months, abec 7's and 3's will roll the same. buy some very well shielded ones and treat them with some care and you;ll be fine.
whatever you do, DO NOT get a World Industries, they break within a month and come with ****ty parts, and don't get something REALLY good because that's just dumb. I would say get the Mika artist because it looks pretty promising, and your a beginner anyways, whats it matter.
How bout this one
Its a BAM from Amazon, $64.99
You have too assemble it, thats not too hard
But it sticks out too me because of BAM, and his sponser to Element