Hello there
ive been playing for some time now and imo its time to start with solos.
So which do you recommend? Also anyone have any good exercises for soloing?
I like rock/metal, anything from from iron maiden or metallica to in flames
there are some great excercises on this site, do them every day with a metronome...and if you think you are going too slow, you arent going slow enough, every move should be perfect on these excercises

"If you're looking for me,
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Very simple, and probably cliché, but Smells Like Teen Spirit is easy!
Along a more Metal line, i'd suggest trying Enter Sandman, cos thats pretty easy to get the hang of if you practise enough.

Learn the 5 positions of pentatonic Scales as well. That helps a lot with your own soloing!
gunslinger / warmness on the soul / clairvoyant disease

all 3 from avenged sevenfold, clairvoyant disease might be a bit hard for a beginner solo but with practice you should get it down well
Beer is fine.
I'd suggest playing scales, and embellishing them at first slowly, then work your way up from there. That way there's no standards of how it should sound or how fast it should be, and you have a platform to start off on rather than jumping straight in.
And by embellishment I mean hammers and pulls, trills, bends, slides et cetera.