I was wondering if making a guitar entirely from scratch would be cheaper than buying a hypothetical guitar with all the exact same specifications. Thanks.
Only if you have the skill to make one playable.

And shopping skills.
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It depends on the guitar, some yes others no. Obviously if your looking at some very expensive guitar you can probably make something much cheaper if you have the tools and the skill.
If you already have the tools, time, space and skills then yes. If you're just going to buy new tools for a one-off build then maybe not so much. Plus a lot depends on the style and components of the guitar.
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There are alot of variables. If you have the tools already then probably. But buying tools will add alot to the budget. You wont be able to make say a copy of a epi LP for less than the chinese. You could make a really good copy of a MIA strat for less than they sell for tho. If you buy raw wood and make a body and neck thats alot cheaper than buying ready made parts.