Wow it's been a while since I was on here. Anyway, I have a red Oscar Schmidt acoustic (the guitar is at a friend's house, otherwise I'd post the model #) that was made in 2000. I bought it for about $30 at a flea market four years ago, and it's my favourite guitar. However, a LOT of the frets are dead/have fret buzz. Mostly past the 9th fret. (I bought it like this) So I've decided to remove the frets and just make a fretless acoustic.

So, UG, how would I go about doing this? I've read to heat up the frets with a soldering iron first and then remove them, but how much damage will this do to the guitar? It wouldn't be a big deal financially if I messed up, but it would mean a lot sentimentally. We've been through a lot together.

Thanks in advance for any help at all on this.
Sounds to me more like the neck has a hump to it rather than all of the frets past the 9th being messed up. Sight down the neck from both directions and see if you can determine if the neck is truely straight, or if it has the suspected hump that I'm talking about. If it's there, it'll be near to the area where the neck joins the body of the guitar.
If there is a hump, you can do a couple of things to help. First would be to level and re-crown the frets. Another option, and more costly, is to do a neck reset. Lastly, you could raise the action at the saddle to compensate for the buzzing.
Removing all of the frets is a rather extreme fix for something that might be much simpler to remedy, kind of like removing all of your teeth due to one or two cavities.
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Oh crap, I forgot to mention that. The neck isn't bowed or anything. It's the frets themselves. Like I said, this guitar has been with me through a lot, and some of the frets are actually worn down from so much playing. As in there are grooves where the strings are.

Oh, and I don't want to remove the frets just because of the problems. I write a lot of experimental/whoknowswhat music and I enjoying creating new sounds and the sort.
Check out Unfretted.com.

As I recall, somewhere on their site is an article about making a fretless guitar out of a fretted one so you can experiment with the concept. You don't have to keep it fretless, of course.

And unless I'm mistaken, there is a similar article somewhere at Vintage guitar's site, in one of their discussions about repairs.
If it's buzzing it may be that the nut or saddle is too low and not the frets. It could be that the frets are not even and need to be sanded down. Or it could be as simple as as truss rod adjustment. Take it too a guitar tech and your local guitar store and have him fix it. Cost should be under $50.

If your too cheap to do that make a truss rod adjustment. Turn your Truss Rod counter clockwise 1/2 turn and repeat until the buzz is gone.
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