Gus Guitars

I was reading the credits from Pendulums latest albim and it transpired that the guitarist used Gus Guitars.

I looked up the guitars on the internet and they are very very strange, has anyone ever used or seen one ? (I saw one when I saw Pendulum live)

I've never played one but I'm in love with the looks, apparently they have flexible tonality too.
Those bottom side fret markers are kind of counter productive though, despite looking gorgeous.
I think Billy Sheehan once played one of their basses, might be pretty good IMO.
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dont buy unless u try nd i dont even think gc has them so good luck finding one :P
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They are incredibly expensive.
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I've played a fair few of them, and they were all very very good guitars. Very versatile, extremely well set up, and the MIDI pickup system is good fun to mess around with.
Well, back in the day they were about £1500-2000 I think. That was a few years ago though, so prices may have inflated since then.
The MIDI pickup allows you to plug into a MIDI module so that trigger all sorts of MIDI instruments, from organs to xylophones etc, just like with a MIDI keyboard. It's good fun to play with, and could certainly have its uses in the right context.
Ahhh so the Propane Nightmares trumpet intro could be played on it?

And is all the crazy Star Labs stuff allowed to be dicussed here?