my A string buzzez even acoustically when i play it, and i think its buzzing a little bit on the D string too. any idea what the problem is?

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you need a set up?
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when a string buzzes, theres usually something in its way when it vibrates, just enough to make it buzz....it could be a few different things but more often than not, the string is too low to the fret board, and when you pluck the string, its buzzing on top of a fret.

the best thing to do is get your guitar set up, any guitar store with a repair shop can do it. What they'll do is 'set up' your guitar, ensure there is no fret buzz...its like a tune up, they'll make your guitar feel better to play and run without any problems.

i take it your guitar is an electric one? if it buzzes acoustically, and doesnt ruin your amplified sound, then its not so bad....if its in the way and sounds unpleasant, get it set up, youll be much happier with it afterwards.

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