Like the topic says, how often should i change Batteries in my EMG Pups? I just got a new ESP LTD EC-1000, and it has active EMGs, so i was wondering how often i should change, certain things to know when changing them, etc, etc. And should i have changed them as soon as i get the guitar home?

And while we're on the topic, what about in pedals? I forget to grab the Power Adapters for them, so i was [Insert same questions asked early.] On my BOSS NS-2, The light is supposed to come on when its muting sound correct? Well, its not, so im taking it as the battery is dead?

Thanks Guys
is there a way to tell when your Pups need a battery change? Do they stop picking up sound completely, err? Same with pedals. No lights, err??

Cant you tell im new to Actives and Pedals? I used to be just good ole Guitar and Amp, lol