Hey guys, I know a lot of you prefer tube amps and today while at GC I tested out the Peavy Windsor 100w all tube half stack. WOW! For the money it is a great tube amp. I played thru it for about an hour using an Epi Prophecy LP with EMGs. Musicians Friend has them on sale for $499.99 GC has them for $679.99 but will match MF price from what I understand. IMHO it sounded just as good as the Marshall JCM800 half stack I tried for comparison at 1/6th the price. Actually about the price of most SS amp half stacks.



If you get a chance try one out. If I wasn't tapped after the holiday it would have come home with me today.

Damn, these things always go on sale when I don't have any money
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I have used one and know someone who ownes it. Amazing amp, get it
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That sounds like a great deal. If I were American I'd probably buy one, but I live in England so I've got to make do with dirt cheap vintage Marshalls being everywhere..poor me.
Let's see... cheaper than MG, better than MG. Good deal... The only issue is that it is in AMERICA (I am Canadian)
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Peavey are a leader in the budget area of the market. The Windsor, the Classics, and the 5150 are all significantly cheaper than the competition, and still offer satisfactory performance.

It's good stuff.
If its the amp you want then yea get it. They dont seem to have the reliabiltiy issues many amps do in this price range. But it does lack in the versatility department.