Anybody wish to start one to play some System of a Down and Avenged Sevenfold-type material? I sing and do a bit of guitar, so if I'm looking for a lead, drummer and bassist. As soon as it's full, we'll set up an online voice chat room for practise (Such as Team Speak or so).

Anyone interested?
ok, it sounds like a good idea, but i dont really follow. an online band? give us some more info
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It's quite simple really. We organize practices on MSN or through UG, and then we all connect to a voice-based chatroom where we can chat and practice. When we have perfected a song, we all record our pieces separately and compile them into one file. Simple enough.
optimistic aswell...imagine playing drums into msn!!! haha..infact imagine what the guy on the other end would hear
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Well, do you have any better ideas?

Get everyone to record their part of the song along to a metronome, combine everyone's recordings.
it is a great idea, as i am one who avoids all social encounters, but i see a major flaw. you won't be able to change things on the spot, all changes will require rerecording, and this will add considerable time spent on things non musical.