well i recently got my brand spankin new (Barely name brand) guitar. the head says george washburn limited and its a "vince niel signature guitar". bull **** but it sounds pretty good.

well the first note i played was a 17th fret bend on the high e XD. string broke. and with no other strings i had to wait till today for new strings

first trip. came home with a set of "long and mcquad?" string. extra light or something. and because i had tuned it off my acoustic it was tuned wrong and the string broke before i could even finish tuning it...

went down AGAIN to pick up the heavy strings he told me about. and after tuning my guitar down a notch or two i can finally play a bit..

end result.

$25 spent.
guitar usable
2 new sets of strings.

and finally some time to practice ;p.

pretty boring story but who knows. maybe its happened to one of you. and also im in the market for a guitar tuner. my teacher told me to try and find a korg tuner but the store had none. or any tuners at all XD. any advice or comments are welcome
wtf? why didn't you tell them that the string broke immediately? they should have given you a free one. and probably the string tension is too high, and what do the strings have to do with a tuner? you can tune using the 5th fret.
if strings break when tuned to standard....your guitar needs set up. does it have a floating trem?