I recently bought an Acoustic/Electric guitar so that I can record my music. Using Audacity, I used to have to stick a microphone in my guitar and record that way. Now that I have an acoustic electric, I figured I could easily plug the guitar into the mic jack and get better recording quality.

I have a cord that connects the guitar to the mic jack, but when I hit record, Audacity acts like it can't hear anything. What am I doing wrong?

Also, in order to rule out a problem with the guitar's pickup, I put a pickup in the hole of the guitar (http://www.vanden.co.uk/images/basspuweb.jpg) and that gives the same results.
I'm sure you probably have but have you checked the preamps settings to make sure the guitar isn't muted, volume all the way down, etc. Does it work when you run it through an amp?
EDIT:Also, try the Line-In input on your computer.
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If you are using a stereo cord that is your problem. You also need to check the settings on your sound card and you do that by clicking on the speaker on the bottom right on your computer. Make sure the microphone is not "muted". Then you will have to adjust the sound on audacity.

Audacity is hard to use unless you know what settings to use. For $100 you can get Sonoma Riffworks which will let you use factory standard settings and get a much better sound if you're just a musician and not a sound tech.
I don't know if I made this clear enough. on one end of the cable i'm using is the standard guitar cord (http://www.sungyimusic.com/picture/Guitar%20Cable.jpg)
on the other end is what looks like a microphone cable that plugs into the line-in hole that on my computer has a picture of a microphone next to it.

I've tried most of your suggestions. here are the results:

Red Tears, the cable is brand new so it shouldn't have anything wrong with it. I skipped your suggestions figuring that it's probably a software problem.

Soul Power, I went through the control panel to find the line-in. I turned the volume up AND the gain and nothing. I turned up the volume without the gain too. still nothing. at one point I had it recording what I was playing with a bunch of static, but when I pressed stop and tried recording again it didn't work. This makes me think maybe it IS a connection problem.

Guitar Hack, what's a stereo cord? I've made sure nothing's muted, on the computer or guitar. I've got all the time in the world, but no money, so I'd much rather spend hours figuring this stuff out than paying to save time.