Hey guys I was wondering if my amp was worth the buy (like are there better amps in the same price range)
Traynor DG15R or if I should bring it back and get a better one in my price range (up to $300) I bought it la bit ess than a year ago and still have time to return t

I dont know much about the technology of amps and things such as tubes and valves. I read the sticky and it didn't make much sense.

I think it sounds decent on the clean channel but with gain it sounds garbage. I can barely get any distortion even with gain at full blast. Should it be sucking this much?? or is it a problem with other settings on the amp?
I have to rely on a distortion pedal to get the sound I want.

That leads me to my next question. I bought the Boss Mt-2 (metalzone) and it sounds okay. Partially because my amp is crap but also because it (possibly) sucks. I always hear bad things about it. I have also heard about the EHX Metal Muff and heard good things about it. Is it really that much better? I do have the option to return my Metalzone and get a different pedal. Should I get the Metal muff or even a different alternative?

tl;dr version
My amp sucks, but iunno why
what is a better amp in a range of $100-300 or am I just doing something wrong with the settings


Metal Zone, Metal muff, or any other distortion pedal? I need one since my amp has crappy distortion
if u add another $100 u can get the traynor ycv40 used for $400 and return the metal zone and get the metal muff its much better.
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Looks like a Fender rip-off. I'd buy an Ibanez, as they cost less than Fender or Gibson, and don't have much difference. I heard that Metalzone pedals are okay, but I'd use a Multi-Pedal (I have one) because of all the possibilities and variety and cheaper price, unless you're into serious, very professional recordings and shows (which I found doubtable if you have a sucky amp and you're not famous.)
I'm just a guy playing at home, not very serious or very good :p. I just want a good sound so I can enjoy what I am playing while learning/practicing and jamming with friends ocasionally