Can a regular keyboard with a MIDI interface be used the same as a MIDI controller?

I want to record guitar and piano onto my computer. I went to Guitar Center looking to buy a recording interface AND a new keyboard. I was told about the Mbox 2 Mini (comes with Pro Tools), which I could upgrade to Pro Tools 8 and use a MIDI controller with. The drawback to this for me is, if I just want to sit and practice a piano piece I would have to get my laptop, MIDI controller and interface together with a pair of headphones or speakers to be able to hear anything I was playing. Couldn't I get a regular keyboard with a MIDI interface and use it as a MIDI controller?
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To an extent, yes you can use a standard keyboard with MIDI as a wont get knobs or sliders but you will be able to trigger software or hardware synths. I use a Yamaha PSR340 as my piano and controller.

The interface you are looking into comes with Protools LE which is very hard to figure out due to the "basic" user interface...
I don't suggest beginners start with ProTools. You can do a lot with other programs such as Sonar or Cubase and they are both much easier to figure out. For home use, I suggest start with a lower priced program such as Reaper.