So I got an ESP LTD Deluxe, and whenever I turn down the volume knob on either the bridge or neck selection, it kinda cracks and make noises like someone is pulling out the instrument cable or something...help?
I just got mine, and it doesn't do this, so I'm not sure. The only solution i can think of is don't turn the volume down in all seriousness though you have to admit its a great guitar, what color is yours?
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Yeah, one of mine does that. I imagine it's just a dirty volume pot. If you can, try and get some compressed air sprayed around it to dry and shift the dirt. Alternatively, you could just replace the pot.
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Like ed says, blow it out with some air and maybe a quick squirt of RP7 or WD40 should help.
I got the glossy black one . Ok, so if I do replace the pots what kind of pots....cause I know there are different ohms on there and whatnot
yeah sounds like volume pots... if u don't feel confident doing it yourself u can take it in to your local guitar shop and have them do it.