This wasn't preplanned, I'm just having a braindump starting... now:

Baby, let me slip off these glasses for you
Just close your dark eyes and I'll
kiss your temples -
I want to get back into your mind
the way it was when
I would roll off your tongue at any opportunity
and people would shake their heads thinking
'Ah, the young
naive and easily pleased'.
You're restless and I want to chain you down for a second
help you breathe
nurture you like a mother would
You left home so early, too early
You're still a baby, let me be your baby
I want a baby to hold.

I think I'm just scared with how abrupt this all came to be
I snatched you from Lonely and took you to Wanted
not quite Needed but soon developing
You grew restless again and within a taste we
couldn't grow, I couldn't grow to hold you
But you need a place for your head
Let me be your lap please, baby.
You need me, or I'll make it out to be that way
Sweet little 19, almost 20, I've only got a few months
to convince you that you need me.

I don't want to be wanted; I've got enough hands
gliding over, but they never seem to sink.

You think too much.
You've dug yourself into a hole, my sweet
I'll find you someplace to ease your head
My shoulder is ready with the most
maternal scent I could find, while still presenting
some kind of Oedipus complex.
I don't really want to be your mother -
Like instinct, I will lean on you
once you fit yourself onto me.
I feed off of feeding and you're my guest of choice
This kind woman front is bullshit
I want the security of being a stronghold again
I want to be there for you, but maybe it's just for me.

Kind of exploring myself at the moment. I'll return any comments. This will not be rewritten as it's not a poem or a song or anything.
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