Today I bought a snare and a drum pad and have been messing with them all day. I have just been playing along with a metronome and doing some single stroke drum roll type things. Any advice for a complete drum beginner, on how to get good? What should i work on?
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Make sure you hit the SNARE with the STICKS. It's not hitting the STICKS with a SNARE.

Easy to get mixed up if you're a drummer I know.

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get a kick pad and a pedal, work on learning how to use your hands and feet in a proper rhythm. That was the hardest part for me, and my advice is to start working on that as soon as you get basic beats on the pad/snare down.

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Get the rest of a drumkit?

you can learn basics with just a kick and a snare.
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Learn the basic rudiments.

Just google them.
5-stroke rolls, 6 stroke rolls, 7 stroke rolls...
also double stroke rolls (drum rolls) are great to learn.

Just do "R,R,L,L,R,R,L,L,R,R,L,L" (insert lame gamer joke)
and get it really fast, eventually your sticks will just bounce naturally.

EDIT: Learn flams and paradiddles and all the other excellently named drum things that will help you NO END when coming up with fills.

Also don't listen to the idiotic guitarists on here.


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Make sure you hit the SNARE with the STICKS. It's not hitting the STICKS with a SNARE.

Easy to get mixed up if you're a drummer I know.

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Drums are my second favourite instrument (after guitar). I've always wanted to learn them, but I have to focus on guitar until I'm good enough and then. But I'd try drumming along with songs if I were you.

1. Learn the proper technique of playing. You don't use your whole arm like most people who try playing do. You use a combination of wrist and fingers and getting the fulcrum correct. Look it up.

2. Learn the rudiments. Search for rudiments. It's up there on the vic firth website. It'll be hard. Do it real real slow. Just relax. Speed is not the goal ! It will come naturally. Might take you a month or so to gt real comfy with a few of them. Do them properly !
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