So I finally got my computer to share my iTunes library with my laptop. Now here's the problem: how do i get the shared library onto my laptop library?

It says "HP Administrator's Music'' under the a new side tab called shared on my laptop iTunes, this has my entire library in it (which is what I wanted) but I want my music saved onto my itunes so I wont have to be on the same network to listen to my music.

thanks in advance
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I'm pretty sure you can't save files from other computers from the network unless (if you're using a mac), you drag the songs from the other computer into your own Drop Box and then import them into your own library
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copy and paste

and it's not a mac just so you guys know

EDIT: i misread. the computer he's transferring FROM isn't a mac. dunno about the laptop.

you still should be able to just copy it over onto a directory in your computer, and add the folder with all the music to the library.
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You're going to have to put the files in the shared folder on your network.

iTunes doesn't let you download from shared libraries for copyright reasons- if you could do that, then when I'm in my dorm at school or anywhere there's lots of other people on the network, I could just go into everybody's library and steal their music.