How the heck do i get rid of the freaking latency. I thought i had the asio drivers. Could anyone help me.
A.K.A. Titanguy
I configured amplitube to use the asio driver with the jam lab. Amplitube acts like its getting sound...dials and lights go crazy when i strike a string...BUT...IM NOT GET NO SOUND! ye si have volume up and not muted.
A.K.A. Titanguy
Lol wow. I have asio drivers installed. I go to amplitube audio setup and pick ASIO drivers. Use Jamlab as my input. and I hit the guitar and still no freaking sound, but he program is acting like its picking up sound.

I cant even get audacity to do crap. Some serious help is needed here my fellow Ug'ers.
A.K.A. Titanguy