I'm looking for either a mesa boogie f-30, a orange tiny terror combo, or a peavey 5150 combo. How much should these be used.
I think used TT's go for like $450 USD. But I haven't looked in a while.
And I don't really know about the others
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the mesa is like $650ish-$900 used
the orange is $500+ used
and the 5150 is $600ish used
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I play a crapload of styles so which is the most versatile?
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I play a crapload of styles so which is the most versatile?

Define crapload (truely everything or not?)
Orange TT has nonexistant true cleans past bedroom-ish levels
Metal (metallica, maiden) rock (acdc, Zeppelin, the stones, skyrnrd) so maybe not everyting but slot. Cleans are less important than distortion. Also, how far past bedroom levels does the TT go?
Not far. Sweet tones, the TT is, but not really good as far as volume.
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