what are some good 12 string songs i could learn?

i already know:
wish you were here
stairway to heaven

any suggestions?
Bands I've Seen:
Ozzy Osbourne
Rob Zombie
In This Moment
Age of Daze
Blue October
Inward Eye
Billy Talent
Rise Against
Theory of a Deadman
Pop Evil
Blink 182
All-American Rejects
Fallout Boy
life by the drop is a good one its by stevie ray vaughan its basiclly a shuffle but it has an great intro
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u just got to love fat strats.... and i really like the ones that hav 2 single pick upsm then the humbucker near the bridge... very nice =)
just take a normal song, think you're hardcore and play it on a twelve string. thats what everybody does.
but on a serious note, Ocean by John Butler. if you learn that, yes. you will be god. the entire thing.