4 or 5 years back was the time I got into guitar and I got a Hamer Slammer for my birthday. I fooled around with it a bit but put it down until this year. The Amp I've had is a Gorilla GG-20 with Tube Stack, Volume, and an Equalizer, but that's really it.

I've got $525 to spend from Christmas and I'm 50/50 on whether or not I should upgrade my amp or not. I don't want to call the GG-20 a piece of crap because it's only 6.5" across and gives great sound and volume for its size and it's really all I need to hear myself clean.

I want an Amp with a good amount of range in terms of playing style, but I'd really like for it to shine in bluesy/classic rock contexts anywhere in the Stevie Ray, Clapton, or Hendrix area. I wouldn't call myself a beginner, but I'm fairly positive that an appropriate Amp falls in my price range, just not quite sure where to start. It'll mainly be for practice.

Thanks in advance.
Into the flood again...
Peavey Valvekings arent bad, and can get you some good classic rock tones. Peavey Classic 30s are also some really good amps, just enough gain for good classic rock.