This amp started out as a Squier SP-10 (now RI as Squier Sidekick) a simple amp with a master volume, OD switch, Bass and Treble controls.
Quite a nice little amp, a great starter amp. Lightly compressed sharp fender cleans, but at the push of a switch you have untamed hard clipped distortion, scooped mids, massive noise and a huge volume boost...not very practical at all on the OD channel.

I recently discovered this amp again and decided to mod it to much better standards.

I'm removing the pre-amp clean and OD circuits and replacing them with a starved plate 12AU7 valve with fender tone controls and possibly some clipping distortion options.
Also since it is quite a small amp im considering the option to run it at 1W through a 9V battery for total portability!

In summary im making this into a cut down version of a 'fender' sounding valve amp with SS power amp for 10W output, and the option of 1W output on battery power.

I'm doing these mods for myself but im wondering how much interest there is in this idea as I'm coinsidering modding old practice amps to have these much better features, as well as selling this one.

I have attached a sound clip of a similar pre-amp being tested by someone (im not sure who it was or where I found it, but if i remember i will give credit)

Anybody interested in buying this or having their amp modded?

Any mention of registered trademarks, copyrights and Intellectual Property elements are mentionned purely for comparison and justification and are in no way affiliated with me or this projected idea.
this does sound cool - unfortunately im still saving for my main amp though, but I have traded with Entrant_21 and he is an excellent guy to deal with, so fear not anyone considering this

Good luck mate