Not metallica noise lol.
I got a new VK 112 for xmas and when I'm playing i hear a metallic like hissing noise. It's quiet but annoying and I'm wondering if its anything to do with this.


It's not screwed in properly so when i shake it a bit i hear something rattling inside.
What is that box btw? and could it be that?

I'm changing the speaker to a V30 soon so would that fix it up?
Cheers guys
Well, the box in the picture is the reverb tank. Try turning the reverb control all the way down, if it isn't already.
You might have a microphonic preamp tube. Get your self a pencil and tap your preamp tubes. If it gets worse tapping on a particular one it's probanly bad!

Yes even new tubes are sometimes no good.

That is your reverb tank and the rattling your hearing is the springs in it.
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it only sounds when i play something meaty like a power chord or a barre chord.
shoulda mentioned that
Does the sound ring on after you stop playing, or just while the notes are sustaining?
The reverb tank will make noise if you shake it, as it is a mechanical system. That said, if it's not screwed down properly, then attaching it securely wouldn't do any harm.
Have you tried turning the reverb control all the way down yet?
It's less likely to be the cause if the sound doesn't continue after you mute the strings.

After than, try firmly attaching the reverb tank and check for other loose screws.
It could also be something in the room resonating - a light fitting perhaps.