Looking to do something like Malodorous, Devourment, Cephalotripsy, Maruta, etc....
This is gonna be an online collaboration, so it doesn't matter where you live/dwell, just as long you've got creativity and descent equipment. I'm a guitarist, but I also have a bass, and have experience programming drum machines(I am in possession of some also). So if you have some recording equipment that would be awesome too, all i have is a small boss recorder, but we could figure something out.

I write a ton of music and also use guitar pro to write songs, so it would be easy to work on songs together.

You can reply to me here or at my myspace@ www.myspace.com/shredderdeathmetal

Lets make some ####ing heavy music!!!
Keep the adults busy, keep the children confused
Eight to twelve years, new laborers for the mines
For they shall be worked!
For they shall be worked! -
Kill the Client/Cleptocracy