Hey all,
I recently bought a used godin lg (sweet axe) and changed the strings on it. When i tried it it had elixir lights and replaced them with earnie ball super slinky. I basically went down 2 gauge sizes. I have noticed a different sound and a lot of buzzing on the low e string. Is this a result of the lighter strings? Anybody have fret buzzing with light gauge strings? If so i am going to heavier gauge immediately.
If it had a heavier guage of string on it then you probably need to get it set up for that guage of string your inntination will be off and your action will be off because the lower guage strings will not sit as high of the fret board as the heavier guage strings did

I would just take it to a guitar shop that you tust and have them set it up for you
I really don't want to have to paying $40 for a set-up when it was fine when i bought it. I hope putting the same gauge strings solves the prob.
Hey man.

I suggest you just take it to a guitar shop and have it set up. Then you could ask the tech what to do when you want to change string gauges again so you won't need to come back. The reason i say this is i had a strat that came with 8s. I normally play 10s and decided to use 11s on it. When i changed to 11s the action was totally messed up. I tried adjusting the truss rod, lowering the action and all but it was never the same. In the end i will have to take it to the shop to get it set up properly.
tiki16 - yes putting the same string guages as it originally had should solve the problem, as the guitar has been setup to hold the strings with that increased tension. Your 9 guages are too light so the neck straightens more, hence the buzzing.

Man up and the thicker guage strings sound better anyway.

Fenbot - they don't work magic in guitar shops... you probably just need a bit more experience adjusting your truss rod/bridge height yourself to know what you're doing..
Really? Like what? I must've been going to crap ones, cos they were only adjusting action through truss rod and bridge height - what r u talking about?

New strings??
Fretboard conditioning/cleaning isn't gonna affect setup...
Unless we're talking filing/replacing the nut, or fret dressing/levelling/fallaway or refretting, all of which costs considerably more than your standard $40 setup...

I service and setup all my guitars myself because I don't trust the local shops anymore..they kept fkn up and doin a **** job, but just making it look nice...
Oh, my apologies, didn't see the $40 thing. I worked in a pretty high quality shop over the summer with a friend of mine who builds guitars for a bunch of top pros and his standard setups are around $200. But he could turn a crappy children guitar into something that could sing like no other. $40 pretty much means it's something you can do at home.
it's all good =)
yeah i really, REALLY want to get into that kind of guitar repair stuff... just don't know how..