Hellos Ultimate Guitar,

Im currently looking for a new amp that would play good rock/metalcore styles.

I have an ibanez S custom and a RR5FR on its way to me.

I can probably save up to around $500, so whats a good amp that would work for practice and a little band jamming?
i gave a model 3 line 6 spider amp and its really good for any style.it has a built in tuner,12 settings,some effects and a whole bunch of other crap.i got it for christmas and i think its only around 300 dollars.i would suggest this to any style you want to play.
Maybe a Mesa Boogie? I don't know a whole lot about amps, but I've heard they're pretty versatile, and you could probably get one for around that much on Ebay. Not too easily, but you probably could if you tried a bit.

I know that bands like Dream Theater, Between The Buried and Me, and even Linkin Park use them.

I'll probably list others once I find them, I think there was a list somewhere on the Mesa Boogie website.

Found some others: Lamb of God, Alter Bridge, Hoobastank, Coheed and Cambria, August Burns Red, Dillinger Escape Plan, Bullet for My Valentine, Blink-182, Fall Out Boy... the list goes on.

Sorry if I seem to be a fanboy, but just about every single band I've heard that uses Mesa Boogie, I love their tone.
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