Ok, so, since I haven't posted any music here in forever, (or written much for that matter ) I decided I would get at least something up. It's pretty short, and I think there is some potential, even if I'm not that happy with the song. I do really like the way the solo came out though, but I'd like to get some more opinions.

C4C, by the way.
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Generic? Yes. Bad? No. I quite enjoyed that, and I definitely see some potential in it. The main riff, I guess you could call it (seeing as it's starts at the very beginning of the song), I found to be quite enjoyable. The powerchords after were also fairly decent. My only complaint would be the solo. The solo isn't actually BAD, it's just kind of... lacking. It seemed more just a lead melody rather than a solo because the majority of the song is mid-paced or fairly fast, and the solo was fairly slow with only one fast part. A decent sounding solo, it just lacks a certain OOMPH that would make it stand out more.

Overall, a good effort, I'd definitely enjoy hearing more to this. I say you keep at it because this could turn out to be something good. 6/10.
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cool song. i liked the riff and the solo, but the song seemed a bit repetitve. try changing the direction of the song a bit (if that makes sense). good job though 7/10