Hey Guys,

I have an MXR Flanger and I'm finding that it isnt 'invasive' enough. I want one that can do the flange of Van Halen's Unchained or Lenny Kravitz's Are you gonna go my way.

I know that EVH used the MXR Flanger. But mine doesnt come through in the mix enough for it to be recognisable. I have it running through the FX Loop (which is on full). It seems to get more out of it when I plug it into the front input (But, still not as much as I'd like)

I also noticed that the MXR needs 18v in the power supply. I'm supplying it with 9v (I just realised about 5 minutes ago). I thought this would cut it down alot. But I put two 9v batteries into the clips inside the pedal and it didnt do anything more than the 9v power supply.

What are your opinions on the 'best' flanger for the sound that I want?
"if i were you I wouldn't fiddle with the feet etc. as that nullifies warranty but yeh, just get up in digitech's grill and demand they make you a custom whammy that is purple and gold and fires rockets when you bend +2 octaves"