Okay so here's the deal...

So I got a Samson CO3U for Christmas and I'm torn about whether or not to return it to get something else. It's a USB mic but I have an M-Audio Fast Track Pro so I was hoping for an XLR mic. The majority of my recording is me on acoustic guitar and my buddy on vocals (I'm borrowing an SM58 as the second mic). I also record woodwind tracks. Of course, in order to use the SM58 and Samson at the same time through the Fast Track, I'd need some kind of USB->XLR adapter.

So my questions are:

What are your guys' thoughts on the Samson CO3U for acoustic/vocals?
How will it sound if I use a USB-XLR adapter? Will there be any significant signal loss?

Thanks in advance.
It's probably best to return it if you plan on doing stuff with your friend. It's a great microphone for what you want to do, but getting two USB devices to work together in a program's very difficult. XLR-USB cables are meant to convert mic signals into USB...I haven't heard of any that do the reverse. Return it for a MXL 990+991, or the regular CO3.
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