Hey guys. I've narrowed my gift down to an ESP LTD V-500 guitar or an ESP LTD EC-500 guitar. Which would you reccommend and why?
I've played an EC-500, best guitar I've played in that price range. I assume the V is similar quality and sound wise just in a different shape.

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I'd recommend the EC only because I'm not fond of "V's".

I love V's but I've warmed up to the idea that Lespaul styles are nice. I hear that the EC-500 can be bad with a Boss Metal Zone pedal, which i use. Maybe the V would be better?
EC all the way, i have one and i love it to death! (I've always been a fan of the Les Paul body though)
hmmm. maybe the ec is still an option then. imma try em both out monday [my lame local shop is closed on sunday, whats up with that? they were already closed on xmas! lol.]
yeah try them out and see which you like better, theyre really similar, more about which body shape you like more
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yeah. i love Vs, but that v 500 aint got the cut away for them low frets... i only need access to 22 of em for real though.