Hey, just a quick question UG! I have a 120V AC to 12V DC adaptor lying around. Could I use this with my pedal?

It says 9 Volt adaptor, but will 12V damage it?
yeah i don't think it will damage it: i don't think the plug will fit and if it does it might not power on at all that way.
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Probably not a good idea. It's an extra 3 volts, which, at the very least will cause the components to run hotter and shorten the life of your pedal. It may also cause some odd behavior, besides the letting out the magic smoke.
it'll be fine for short periods of time, but you run the risk of melting circuitry if you have it on for any longer
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your pedal will die!!!!!!!!!!!!

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you can use a multimeter to see how much wattage the adapter is actually putting out. it probably isnt the full 12V, and if its closer to 10V then it should work fine. however, it probably puts out closer to 11.2V, which i probably wouldnt use. i dont think it would really fry anything if its a well built pedal, or really any analog pedal. however, if its a digital pedal of some sort that needs very close to 9V to run the digital components propperly, it might not be a good idea.