okay, so i have a cheap squier strat(you know, the $100 guitars). i like it just that the sound is pretty bad. i wondering if you put pickups like in the high end fender guitars, would it sound like them? if so, any recommendations for pickups. all the usual, beautiful cleans and rich harmonics, anything good for rock, metal.
get a fender
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No, it wouldn't be like them.

They're probably made of better wood, better components, better stuff in general.

If your amp is good, better pickups should make YOUR guitar sound better, clearer, less muddy/flat.
It's best to get a MIM Fender and upgrade it if you want to get closer to or, possibly to your tastes, better than a MIA Fender. Squiers are made with cheaper materials and won't have the same tonal coloration from the body. They don't play as smoothly or have as much sustain, either.
As a rule, I hate Fenders in general. I know, they are sooo cheap, but why waste $100 on a ****ty Squire? Buy a cheap Ibanez/ESP. DO NOT spend money on upgrading a piece of crap. Spend money on getting a good guitar.
Reasons why Fenders suck (at least Squires):
1. Twangy, crappy, soft, nondurable wood
2. Single coil pickups
3. Crappy tuners
4. AWFUL strap buttons
5. Awful tone
6. No sustain
7. Crappily done bolt on (just so you know, a really well done bolt on is actually better than a set neck, but the risk of not having a good bolt on is too big to chance it. Squires have terrible bolt on necks)
8. Etc, not spending too much time on this.

If you spend $100 dollars on a Squire, then another $100 for mediocre pickups, then another $150 for a good amp to make your guitar sound great, then $25 for good strap locks, then you've spent $375 total on a piece of garbage with terrible tonal wood and no sustain. Buy a cheap Crate 10-15 watt amp for $65-$75 and spend the $300 on a great guitar (you can get really good ones for less on eBay) like an Ibanez, ESP.
I don't think it's fair to diss single coils, pickup choice is a matter of personal preference. You can't really diss fender, either, the company makes great guitars. Sure, Epiphones tend to be higher quality than Squiers, but a MIM Fender is a great guitar for pretty cheap.
Mamosa, that's not all really true. Maybe you just got a crappy guitar. I'll admit squires aren't exactly the best made guitars, but neither are epiphones. Theyre not the worst ever, but either way, Fender do make some really nice guitar. Maybe it's just not for your type of music.


You can polish a turd, but it's still a turd. You may make your guitar sound a little better, but you won't be getting anything that'll drive your guitar to gibson/high end fender like level.