I would eventually like to be able to play like this. I need some tips on how to be able to alternate pick that fast. My general style of music and the stuff I usually play at gigs is generally slower blues and rock. So any tips or exercises that would help would be greatly appreciated. And before you tell me to put this in advanced technique, i tried but I didn't get many answers. So sorry if this is the wrong section. Thanks
Metronome + Practice time = that
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get a heavier pick (jazz 3s work well for me) and hold it so that the tip is just peaking out. that will force you to hit the strings with just the tip instead of a huge chunk.

its important to keep time too. get a metronome and work your way up slowly. if you just start wailing on the strings itll be tremolo picking, which is not true alternate picking.
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listen to alot of other guitarist like that to get a feel for the music too
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