Well i just got a b.c. rich jr. v for Christmas, and I love it.
But its got a seymour duncan invader in the bridge, and most here say its a noise beast.
The invader was pretty much cured of all noise/muddiness after some brutal EQing, and I couldn’t be too much happier with the tone to be honest. But I was wondering if it will get insanely noisy/mudy when turned up at high volumes, as so far its only been at bedroom noises(with a 40 watt tube amp).
crank it and find out? if your worried about neighbors getting mad just do it for like 30 seconds and if they give you crap about it just explain it won't happen again.
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I have Invaders in my main guitar and they sound fine to me. They're great pickups, if you're worried about noise maybe you should get a Noise Gate, like a Decimator.