so i just ****ed up.

I had 4 tylenols + a 40 oz of beer shortly (i forgot it took the painkillers!)

Anybody experience this before? Is it that bad or am i just being paranoid?
It will do nothing to you until you die.

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far thee well...
you fill me up with you carbohydrates
and energize me with simple sugars <3
I doubt the pit is the right place for this question. You should prob call a poison control center or something.
Pretty bad. Just fap a few times and you'll be fine.
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you're F***ED

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I don't know about Tylenol, but other drugs'll screw you up with alcohol.
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wtfs a hickey?!
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lol come on stop getting me even more paranoid

And the other comments don't? This is no time for lol'ing my friend.
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Don't worry about it. Surviving 5 Darvacils, half a gatorade bottle of whiskey, and and E makes me think you'll do just fine.
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i've heard that it could possibly kill you also. not tryin to be a d-bag or anything but i guess we'll bust this myth ourselves. so keep us posted!

if you dont we'll get the idea...
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I would puke until you start dry heaving.
Then drink more water and do it again, then eat a lot and let that digest.
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this man is awesome. he'd rather ask the pit wat to do then call a doctor or google it.
+10 my friend
-9 for ur stupidity
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yeah you arent gonna die from that.
i have done something similar, when i had been under anaesthesia for tonsillectomy 6 weeks prior, had a headache so i took 2x 2 ibuprofen pills, then topped it all off with vodka shots coming up to about a litre.
the doctors said that had it not been for the sideeffects hard liquor has up until 6 months after having full anaesthesia i would have just been stone cold hammered, but due to the difficulties arising from that i had to get my stomach pumped. and man, the next day ****ing sucked.
so yeah, if the doctors say 4 pain pills and a litre of vodka wont kill ME, then i doubt 4 pain pills and beer will kill you

though of course tylenol might be different from ibuprofen in which case youre pretty much ****ed m8