ok, so i wanna alot of ska stickers for my case. does anyone have any recomendations about sites or what to search for on ebay (basically i want a pack with alot of different ska bands,[some i like are reel big fish, streetlight manifesto, catch 22, mustard plug, the hippos, fatter than albert, voodoo glowskulls, high school football heroes, against all authority, sublime, spitvalves, taj motel trio, flaming tsunamis, arrogant sons of bitches, no cash, choking victim, leftover crack] ) oh and they dont have to be those bands, those are just some examples.
i just can't seem to find any. so if anyone knows where to find some or what to search for on ebay, could they tell me?
i hate how ska is so good but so underground >:O
I saw a decent amount of Hendrix stickers on there, so I wish you luck.
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The first place you could try is the band's website. Then try Interpunk because they have a lot of merchandise for a lot of different bands.
Make them yourself?

You get the paper from your store, the logos from their site and you print it!
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EDIT: Ska and Punk forums.


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Theres this new thing called Google. you should check it out.
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