If anyone can help me work out the chords to this tune, I'd really appreciate it. I can't find the whole Ackles version online, but here's a link to Elvis Costello and Elton John playing it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNwr7QsCb5M

Thanks in advance, you people who are better at guitar than I am.
Intro: F Fsus7 Bbsus4 Bb
Good to see you again, Rosie
D- I know I've changed a
G- lot since then
F Fsus4 F You're lookin' fine, babe
Bbsus4 Bb
Three years, that ain't long, Rosie
D- G- I still remember our song F Fsus7 F When you were mine, babe
Bb D- D-b5
Times change, times change I know
Eb SN EbD But it sure moves slow
C- Eb Bb Down river when you're locked away

Hey why didn't you write, Rosie
I stayed awake most every night
Countin' my time babe

Oh no I ain't mad Rosie
I know you had to mind your dad

But just a line babe
A-7 D
Oh sure I remember Ben
A-7 D we went all through school
F#- Is that right?
Ab Bb Well he ain't no fool

He's a good man Rosie
Hold him tight as you can
Don't ask me why babe

Yeah nice seein' you Rosie
Me? I got things to do
Well good-bye babe
the chords are right but the post did not put them where i put them. it is close liston to the song