So, i have a Squier Obey series tele. i hated the look, and i stripped the paint and repainted it. I really feel like i want to get a new guitar, and so I'm not too sure what to get.

  • Please don't just tell me to 'Save up' to reach something out of my price range. My price range is probably around the top end Squier to MIM standard fender prices, I'm not really sure how much they sell for in the U.S, but in Australia thats just under the $1000 mark, not only because of the exchange rate, but because we get ripppppped.
  • I would rather single coil pickups, and wouldn't mind P90's.
  • I play a lot of clean, but some overdriven stuff, not really a lot of heavily distorted music.
  • I would like something not too ordinary. MIM strat is a bit too ordinary( but that seems like the best fit at the moment), If it has to be a fender telecaster, i would get the thinline (because its a little different, sounds good too... do they sell mim thinlines?), but i would rather another brand if they are any good. It seems almost every other brand apart from fender in Australia sells only humbucker'd(??) guitars, unless they are the cheap stuff, so i am really wondering what to do.
  • I may be happy to get a hollow-body, but I'm not too sure if i want one.
  • and i am very happy to buy second hand, if its in working order

So thanks for your suggestions in advance.
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The schecter seems pretty good, but thats just under US$1000, where as i was talking about au$.
the sorta price i can pay is around US$500 but it may be different because the markup that we have for most musical instruments (among other products) varies from brand to brand.
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guys, if you read his post, he lives in Australia...

I have no idea really how that works. He told me 500 usd so I gave him a cheaper idea.
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What about an Ibanez SA series?

Corrected for TS wanting single coils.
I'm aware of what he said.

From what I saw at Ibanez' site, none of the SA are purely single-coil.


OTOH, I was suggesting a nice hollowbody in his price range that is noted for being able to generate the kind of tone he was looking for...even though they have humbuckers.

Malden has some nice guitars that are just a tad above the $500 mark.


And the Stiger, an intro level version of their Subhuman

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im not really into that high gain tone, i dont want to do any crazy lead or anything. the sort of music i like is the shins and such, and also some earlier indie like Galaxie 500, and also folky sort of stuff. whitley is good but most wouldnt have heard of him i think. i am also really into elliott smith but i guess thats what my acoustic is for...

also the malden mozak (and liquid) look great, but i dont think i could find one in australia.. damn.

J&D, i think i ahve seen a couple of them around, might have to cheack them out.

just to add, i sorta wanted to get a MIJ Jazzmaster, but they were just a little over priced.
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AFAIK, Malden isn't sold in any stores. None that I've ever been in, anyways...which means they'll be devilish hard to try out.

They do get good reviews, though.

Another brand to track down would be First Act. They made their rep as a maker of starter guitars, but in the past few years, they've gotten their guitars in the hands of several pros. Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs uses one, for instance.


(Warning: their site isn't well organized- they make their guitars in several different models, ranging from under $100 to over $2000, but they're not necessarily displayed in the same place.)
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first act bambusa looks interesting... made of bamboo? the sheena looks alright as well. i have seen first act around, so i might check them out, although i have only ever seen their cheap models, and they all seem to be humbucking... well if it sounds good anyway i guess i would like it as much as any other guitar.