SO I've got a headstock I can make into any design I would like. Any suggestions? I added a pic of the headstock now, tell me what you think and how I should cut it. =D


So, can anyone make any suggestions for bare knuckle pick ups?I've got some I wanna throw in a les paul. (Bass wood body, mahogany neck, flame maple top) I wanna play stuff like Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, Pink Floyd, and so on, I was suggested the Mule pick ups before, but I don't know. What do you guys think?
Wow I like it.I'm gonna trace that onto the headstock.

Before I do, is it alright with you if I use it?I don't wanna take your work and tell people I came up with the idea.
Nah, its cool, go ahead. I settled on a different one for myself anyway.
Just make sure you even it out...that one is a freehand sketch. And post a pic when you're done, if ye dont mind. I'd ike to see how it turns out.
I got it, but it doesn't look perfect. It was cut in correctly so I tried sanding it down to near perfection. I still like it though thank you again for the idea.
I was going to sugest a Gibson SG body headstock shape but this looks good

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I would've tried that, but the hornys would have been very small and very pathetic we drew it out to see what it'd look like and the horns were puny as all hell.

So we went this way.I like the result
I could've done it better but i guess I shoulda paid a little more attention to the sanding and cutting especially since I didn't do it with a ban saw I did it with a coping saw.