Hey guys, I've been on a songwritting spree for the last few weeks, writting killer stuff that I want to try with my band. I already met up with the other guitarist who thinks the parts are ace, but he has pretty much the exact same musical taste as me. As a band, we normally play 70's-80's rock covers + that style of song (so like Def Leppard, AC/DC) and the stuff I'm writing is more along the lines of Queensryche and... well who goes along with Queensryche? lol

What I'm wondering is, do you think I could write like I used to and go back to the normal style (which was working pretty good) or try to introduce everyone to stuff thats a bit... I don't want to say more progressive, but heavier I guess? Maybe I just need to lay of the AC/DC for a while and then come back to it for some inspiration instead of just listening to that 24/7.
Yeah, lay off AC/DC....and well, yeah. don't ever return.

but in all seriousness, yeah, lay off it for a while, listen to some other music and if you go back to it, it'll sound a little more fresh and you may be able to pull some inspiration from it.

Yes, poop.
why not show it to the other band members and get em to put in their 2c? that way it's influenced by everyone.
Who decided that pie would be sold on Tuesday but not Wednesday?