As the title suggests, I have assess to a 300 watt fender m80 head, early '90's model. I want something similar to a Jazz Chorus, but without the price tag. How does this compare? I can get the head with a 4x12 for 300USD, I'm seeing if he will sell just the head. Mostly what I want out of this amp are:
1: awesome bright cleans
2: decent chorus
3: Massive clean headroom.

If you tried it out you would know everything you need.
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Yes, but it is a two hour drive to go try it out. Trust me, if it were possible, I would trust my own ear over the opinions of UG'ers, but in this case, its not.
I know it isn't the most common amp,but no one has played one?
i went that far to test out equipment before.
i never, ever, ever buy any amp or instrument without playing it first.
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It was like a orgasm in my ear.
Chea_man is the best.
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If you tried it out you would know everything you need.


No one can tell you if you'll like it or not. For instance I really didn't like the Triple Rectifier I tried, but I only spent about fifteen minutes with it.
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I wouldn't buy it untested, guys, I just want to know if it is anything similar to what I am looking for before I make the drive. I understand where you are coming from, but if we all took your advice the way it is being given now, this forum would have no reason to exist.

Any helpful thoughts?
my friend who did audio engineering say's that the amp can get some pretty sweet tones, that's about all i know about the amp.
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Anything particular about the cleans? That's all I would use it for.
I know a guy with one, Justice4AllOne, maybe you could PM him
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I've heard good things about the clean channel, but that's about it. It's designed to be loud and clean, so I imagine it takes pedals well.


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I use a combo version for my main amp, and I love the cleans on mine. You can play jazz with it for sure. I'm not sure about the chorus part though seeing as mine doesn't have it, but the reverb is nice. It's definitely loud enough too. Anyways, I'd recommend it if it's cleans you're after.
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Cool, thats what I need to know.
And stradivari310, I PM'd him as soon as Exo M7 gave me his name.